Delegates will be required to strictly adhere to the following code of conduct in order to ensure a civil and respectful work environment throughout the Conclave. Delegates who do not follow this Code of Conduct will forfeit their privileges to debate and vote. In serious disciplinary cases, delegates may be asked to leave the Conclave.

Pledge for Conduct 

I hereby pledge to be responsible for my words and actions while attending the conclave and shall conform my behavior to the following code of conduct:
  1. I will not engage in any behavior, which would endanger the health, safety or well being of any guest, speaker, delegate, official or any other attendee.
  2. I will treat other delegates, any guest, members of the Organizing Committee with the highest level of courtesy and respect. 
  3. I will not discriminate anyone based on gender, colour, age, religion or disabilities. 
  4. I will not engage in verbal/physical threats or abuse aimed at any guest, speaker, delegate, official or any other attendee.
  5. I will not initiate a fight or scuffle with any guest, speaker, delegate, official or any other attendee.
  6. I will notify any member of the Organizing Committee if a dispute arises at any time during the Conference.
  7. I will be professional in my speech, actions and appearance during the conclave and display respect for the opinions and ideas of fellow delegates.
  8. I will not eat, smoke, or drink any beverage during the formal meetings.
  9. I understand that only Water will be allowed to be consumed during the sessions.
  10. I will not damage or destroy vegetation, protected natural and man-made objects inside the Conference venue and beyond.
  11. I will not trespass into any public or private property adjacent to the conference venue.
  12. I will follow the directions of the Organizing Committee/Security Staff regulating accommodation, discipline and adherence to the conclave agenda.
  13. I will keep the living area clean, observe the sanitary and environmental norms, leave trash in designated areas only.

I hereby agree that if I fail to conform my conduct to the foregoing while attending the conclave, I will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to the following in any order or combination:
  1. Verbal warning issued by the Organizing Committee.
  2. Written warning issued by the Organizing Committee.
  3. Suspension or immediate ejection from the Conclave.

Financial Liability
Delegates will be financially liable for any damage to the equipment, facilities, constructions and environment at the Conclave venue that may result from their actions.